Effective Sept 1st. 2022

Happy Home Stay Guidelines • Welcome to Canada, Welcome to Our Home


            • Clean up after yourselves ie EVERYTHING you touch, anywhere

            • in CONSIDERATION of others living here • Be very Careful to be Considerate of others

            • Consumables: You are responsible for EVERYTHING you need that is consumed and needs to be bought again: laundry detergent, food, deodorant. Do not assume we provide anything except the room.

NOTE: If you purchase electrical units (fans, heaters, fridges, electric bikes, etc) that consume extra electricity, you will be expected to pay extra*.

Some Ideas that will help with your happy homestay here

• Family atmosphere …

we all work together for everyone’s enjoyment and success

we all care about each other • we all help one another

  we clean up after ourselves: especially kitchen and bathroom • we all clean up after one another

            we respect one another and do not enter any rooms without permission

            we do not take one another’s stuff

• Kitchen Facilities …

The STUDENT kitchen is in the laundry room

  There are cupboards and fridge to store your personal food and drink

You will have a designated shelf – in any case, put your name on your things

  Use of non-consumable kitchen items is allowed. Need Something? Look for it.

NOTE: Pots, Pans, Plastics, Rice Cooker, etc. are washed, dried and put away. NOT dishwasher

DISHWASHER • Prior to use, BRUSH Dishes, cups AND cutlery with water (no soap) to Remove all sticky food

When loading … GROUP plates into large, medium and small plate in one slot •••

NOTE: Cups, glasses and bowls on the upper level. WATCH to see how it is done and do that •••

• No stuff laying around. Clean the table and wipe up counters/stove immediately

FACTOID:  one of the top causes of arguments between home occupiers is mess? Same Here. Be sure to clean up after yourself. Please respect other users and leave everything clean with things put away, every time.



ALL other consumables that you might want …. You buy yourselves: ALL CONSUMABLES

Such as deodorant, Pop, Chips, Specialty Foods, Kleenex, Laundry Soap, beer, Electrical*, etc.


• STUDENT KITCHEN. Students are provided the use of the second kitchen fridge and stove.

Other students have food in there, so be considerate. Please Label your private foods so there are no problems.

Wash plastics and pots, Dry and put back in the cupboard. Please feel free to use without asking.

Outside fridges and freezer are for Eric’s use. His kitchen time is approx. 6 to 6:30 so make it available



Any spills you see, ANYWHERE, please clean up immediately so the place is nice for everyone. We are a family while you are here!!!

Ex: When using microwave, place the plastic cover over your food so it does not splash and make a mess inside the microwave.

If it does, please clean it immediately. Microwaves do NOT work with any metal objects.



Please use hot mats or cutting boards under hot dishes – heat and knives can DAMAGE. Be Careful!


• LAUNDRY. Feel free to do a wash whenever you want (including your sheets/ towels) Avoid 11 PM to 6 AM

Appliance are new, Load your stuff and press (ON) then “Start” Laundry soap is purchased by student.



If you break something – replace it within the week.

If you use the bikes, be careful!!! Thieves are everywhere and you are responsible if it is stolen.



Again, be considerate of others and clean up immediately. Wipe the sink/toilet if there are any traces of your visit.

Please keep bathroom time, including showering, to under 10 minutes – both in consideration of others waiting and City of Richmond water reduction efforts.


• CITY OF RICHMOND. NOTE: City of Richmond Water is the cleanest in Canada and can be CONSUMED right out of the tap

• RESPECT the RULES of the CITY OF RICHMOND Recycling Program

-       Yellow Bag: PAPER / Cardboard / Egg Cartons - See List on Bag

-       Blue Box next to yellow bag: CONTAINERS Plastics containers, cans. – MUST BE cleaned prior

-       2nd Blue Box Returnable separately to a depot. Bottles, coke, beer cans, water etc. CAN YOU DRINK IT

-       White Plastic GARBAGE CanKEEP GARBAGE TO A MINIMUM!! – Styrofoam is garbage. 

-       STINKY FOOD Garbage can go in the Outside GREEN Bin. (Bones, food scraps) 

Bloody Packaging should be rinsed and put in appropriate container, depending on material.

-       When processing your garbage container, we suggest you stand at the recycling area in the kitchen and empty your stuff into the appropriate bins/bags.

-       REDUCE GARBAGE – The CITY OF RICHMOND  is VERY STRICK about recycling. We suggest you bring down all garbage / recycling from your room every Wednesday dinner time. Sort it info various bings in kitchen : Yellow Bag, Blue Box, 2nd Blue Box, Garbage (includes dirty plastic bags AND styrofoam).

-       City asks that you wash your plastics, and recycle. Please take time to review (things often change)



Sure, you can invite your friends over. Please use your personal space, the kitchen or upstairs sitting room. Make yourself at home.

And on that note: you are responsible for cleaning everything in your own room: floors, sheets, yourself, etc.

Guests staying overnight are expected to pay a $45 fee



We want a safe environment. This means the use of illegal drugs is not acceptable in any student rooms.

Smoking is prohibited: Rooms are only offered to non-smokers ONLY, violators will be evicted immediately without NOTICE or refund.

Regarding all matters, consider these guidelines your personal “NOTICE”



Noise travels more than you might think, and what’s acceptable to some might not be to others. Keep it quiet from 11 pm to 6 am.   Kitchen and Laundry room is CLOSED, outside DOORS ARE LOCKED  from 11 until 6 am.



You may keep your room messy if you like … it is your space to enjoy. Make yourself at home.

Food is allowed in your room IF AND ONLY IF, you do not drop food materials on any of the rugs – your room or the hall. DO Keep the rug, hall and stairs clean please.

Dishes MUST BE returned to the kitchen within a half hour. No storing household cups, dishes, cutlery in your room. Unsanitary and we have many people using all items so they need to be available.

In the winter, Canadian heat is set at 70 degrees. If needed, leave your door open to warm the room. Heat Rises

Heater Provided free if temperatures go below 0 degrees

In the summer, leave your door open to allow wind to cool. Fans provided free IF temperatures exceeds 30 degrees.

Do not leave lights on. When you leave, turn all electrical things off.  Keep house bills low to maintain lower rent



Doors are open all day. Locked at 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. Turn in the key when you leave. 30 Days’ notice required


·      EXTRA COSTS   as designated *. If you want to put in your room / yard ….

PARKING. Is available at a $20 cost per month Electric Bikes, same (electricity use)

FRIDGE: Small fridges $20 cost per month.

FANS: $10 cost per month (if temp. is under 30)   or.   HEATERS $20 cost per month.(if temp. is above 0)

PRINTED COPIES: 10 cents each for Black, Colour Copies or Double-Sided  $20 cents. 

Leave change on Eric’s desk.


CATS: Yes, we have cats/dogs … it you are allergic, please do not stay here.

Kittens/Puppies may occasionally be around the house. These are usually kept outdoors, with daily in-house time.


WIFI PROVIDED.     SHAW-FE65   Password eric3742

Printer is HP Deskjet 4100

Keep the following info with you …. You will often need it

You live at:    10391 Steveston Hwy Richmond V7A 1N3.  <- <- <- <-

We retire about 8 or 9 PM - but no matter - If you run into problems, contact us IMMEDIATELY 24/7

Available 24 hrs / 7 days.  Eric 7788705505.  or. 7788744010 Sharon   Call if emergency.

Email: successfulsharon@gmail.com

Email: For Eric.  eric@slpsuccess.com    for payments, 7788705505 Eric





Or Student agrees to pay 1 month rent in lieu of notice


Your Name:                                                                                        Arrival Date:  


Occupancy Rate:         $850/Month.(avg 30 days) or $75/day for days less than 30 

 End date:


YOUR PHONE here:                                                 Email


Student agrees that he/she may be evicted without refund or recourse if he or she contravenes any of the above household rules.


EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO:   Parents, Relatives Name: ___________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________


Family Address:


City:                                                                            Country


Phone at parents home:                                                          Email:                                                                        


Emergency Contact Person Name IF DIFFERENT:





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